5 Creative workouts (no gym required)

Here are my 5 go-to workouts (with a lot of links!) for something fun and different.

*Always check with your doctor before trying a new exercise

    1. Hula hooping: Would you believe that thousands of people hula hoop nowadays? It’s thanks to people like Deanne Love and Hoop Smiles. I recommend starting with a weighted hoop and working your way up to a dance hoop. I get my dance hoops from Hipnotic Hoopla on Etsy and I started with a simple weighted hoop, like this one from Amazon.
    2. Dancing: While a good Zumba class is fun, there are a lot of interesting teachers on YouTube! You can find latin dance, ballet, swing, and more of my favorite instructors! I personally sometimes find music and just freestyle.
    3. Pilates: I love how I feel after pilates. It’s like stretching meets aerobics. I’m a huge fan of Jessica Valant Pilates. It’s super important that your instructor is knowledgeable about kinesiology, she’s fantastic at explaining this. 
    4. Simply Fit Board: Don’t laugh! I really like this board. Gently working your core muscles can cure back pain. I love that I can watch a movie or listen to a podcast while doing this workout.
    5. Going for a walk: My favorite workout ever has to be walking at the Chicago Botanic Garden. Not only is this an exercise for your body, it’s an exercise for the senses. The food is pretty healthy and amazing too. I highly recommend finding a similar space and checking it out. You can easily walk for miles without noticing.




Here are some songs I like to put on when I want to get in the mood to dance:

In The Mood 

The Nitty Gritty

Sing, Sing, Sing

Sandstorm by Darude



Mambo Italiano

If dancing makes you feel silly, check out Lucy doing the Jitterbug and enjoy!

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  1. Great article! Thanks for giving us a shoutout. The picture is beautiful. I always see the fit boards at CVS totally going to pick one up now!

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