Volunteer as a photographer!

There is something about the creative industry that attracts generosity. It’s part of why I love our community! Did you know there are some really awesome photography opportunities out there? There is something for everyone!

  1. Offer to take photos for nonprofits such as museums. Offer event photography to other nonprofits.
  2. Take photos of nature and volunteer with an audubon society, garden, or local park. NANPA also has opportunities for nature photographers.
  3. Photograph animals who need to be adopted.
  4. Take pictures of children in foster care and who need adopting. Here are many organizations that offer that: Heart Gallery of America, Red Thread Sessions, Together We Rise, and A Family for Every Child.
  5. Give photos to parents of infants in NICU with Capturing Hopes Photo and The Tiny Footprints Project. Here is an interesting article on what it’s like to volunteer for one of these nonprofits.
  6. Offer a gift certificate to help new local businesses that you’re a fan of. This could lead to some networking!
  7. Teach someone photography, you could really help them!
  8. Offer your work at a charity auction or raise money with mini-sessions.
  9. Help someone in need.
  10. Find more opportunities at Volunteer Match and

Don’t forget to check out the Law Tog’s Volunteer Photography Contract.

I’m also the founder of another type of opportunity at Color Give Smile, if you like sending art to seniors!

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