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Surface Pattern Design

As a doodler, I am amazed that I never explored this idea. If you like to draw, even a little, you really need to learn about Surface Pattern Design!

I learned about this from Anne Lafollette of Anne’s Art Club and Anne Lafollette Art. She teaches very well and is perfect if you need a mentor for learning to design patterns in Adobe Illustrator.

She had me really interested in this because of a free class on Facebook, but I already know Adobe Illustrator. So while I wasn’t looking for a mentor, she certainly made me interested in learning more about what I can do with this! That’s where I learned about Bonnie Christine’s classes on Creative Live which talked about selling your designs. (You can find the exact course here.) I now see that they work together too!

By the way, I’m obsessed with Creative Live for all kinds of art programs!

Something really interesting that Bonnie did in her class was talk to the founder of Spoonflower. They got started because they wanted to print a custom pattern on fabric, and now they have a huge business supporting artists!

I’m currently selling my patterns and photography on RedBubble so they can be on clothes, pillows, cards, and more. Have you tried surface pattern design?


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