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Why art?

Why do we love art?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’ll tell you my theory.

I noticed it back in the day when I was putting all of my art on It was so different than other types of social media, which were getting very argumentative.

All that you can see on 500px is the work of the photographers. For the most part, I don’t know their ethnicity, beliefs, opinions, or anything else. It’s not the kind of network that shares more than photos. Most of the time we are from different countries.

Yet here we are enjoying each others photography.

There’s a good chance we don’t speak the same language. There’s a good chance we might not even get along, that we differ in opinions. Yet we all smile at things like cats and flowers.

That’s what makes art great.

3 comments on “Why art?

  1. Art transcends time, that’s for sure. Everyone is expressive, some just express things differently than others. It is funny though how art can be a common ground. Nice article.

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  2. Such a beautiful cat photo!


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