New photographers, do you make these common mistakes in editing?

I’ve been mentoring entrepreneurs who want to improve their photography and I’ve seen a lot of the same beginner mistakes (things that I also did) so I’ve created this article to help you get through the beginning editing mistakes that every photographer makes.

Too much saturation

Your photos don’t look consistent? Some of your photos are a little oversaturated and some lack color? The right answer is in the middle of those two styles. Try to stay very close to real life colors, but with a bit of added vibrance and saturation. Also consider your preferred style.

Contrast is too high

I think new photographers start out with high contrast for one reason; it makes your photos look sharper to you. Does this sound right? Stop upping the contrast, in fact sometimes lower contrast can look really good. Start using increasing your sharpness instead.

However, if you are working in black and whites that’s another story. To create an awesome black and white photo you’ll want to have very black and very white colors in your photo (even if it’s subtle). This is an example of a photo I did that shows you what I’m talking about.You can see there is a full spectrum of tones. The contrast works for black and white photos.

You’re overwhelmed by styles

Take a break from editing. Take a break from social media. Stop comparing your photography to others. Play with presets, but don’t let them be what decides your style. They’re a foundation to make small adjustments. Learn the basics of photography instead of trying to achieve the same style as everyone else. Check out how personal projects can help you in my other blog article.

You haven’t learned to cull your photos

It’s better to showcase a small amount of amazing photos, than to overwhelm your audience with a large amount of good photos. Show variety in posing and composition.

You aren’t trying to learn Lightroom Classic

You know Photoshop. You’re paying for Lightroom. Yet you don’t know Lightroom. I see this all the time. It’s going to hold back your editing. Learn it, it’s not as hard as it seems and you’re going to save a lot of time in editing and organizing your photos. Skillshare is a great place to start learning.

Your cropping isn’t correct 

I’ll say it again, use the rule of thirds. Learn and use the rule of thirds. Also check out this helpful photo.

You’re using the wrong kind of light 

Learn more from my top 10 photography tips article on this one.


You can learn this. Everyone’s photography started with these beginner mistakes. If you need any help, feel free to reach out to me, I’m happy to answer questions.

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