Foods that make you feel good


Did you know that oatmeal is a mood booster? There are plenty of foods you can eat to reduce stress. Feeling cranky? Perhaps you’re not getting the vitamins that regulate your emotions and energy. Your doctor can tell you what vitamins you’re deficient in. In the meantime, enjoy indulging in these comfort foods:

Oatmeal: A high fiber carb (which makes it more digestible than other carbs) that provides a “feel good” effect. It reduces hunger and makes you calm. It also contains zinc.

Vitamin D based foods: Fortified almond milk, kefir, eggs and wild caught salmon are some foods that are high in this amazing mood booster. Many people can’t get the amount of vitamin D they need from food, and it isn’t healthy or always possible to get it other natural ways. You’ll want to check with your doctor to see how much Vitamin D you might need from a supplement.

Tea and honey: Tea is good for you, in moderation. Too much tea can be very unhealthy for a lot of reasons. Warm tea and honey, in moderation, can increase relaxation and feel good chemicals.

Dark chocolate: Cocoa has a lot of antioxidants. This food should also be consumed in moderation because it is high in fat and sugar. That being said, the good stuff in small amounts can be good for you. It also has the ability to put you in a good mood due the chemicals released when you eat it.

Cashews and almonds: These contain zinc, which is known to help with depression, it might help estrogen regulation, immune health, and more. You’ll also find zinc in seafood.

Chickpeas: These contain magnesium, which is calming. I also like magnesium oil because I’ve heard that it is more effective than taking it as a supplement.

I encourage you to research these vitamins and more. Be sure you know the correct amount you need of them each day. Too much anything can be really unhealthy for you. I’m not a nutritionist, but these vitamins and foods are a great place to start if you are looking for foods that help reduce stress.

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