Eating your veggies

Everyone always says they are going to eat healthy, but we all know it’s easier to say than do.. but is it really that tricky? We’ve adapted to the Mediterranean Diet and I’ve found that it allows us to enjoy things like bread and cheese, while still eating a lot of veggies. There are so many diets out there, but what’s really important is making a healthy habit you can keep while still getting your much needed vitamins and the right amount of macros (fats, proteins and carbs). One way to get more veggies is by ensuring that your plate is very colorful. Each color represents a different vitamin. Plus, doesn’t it just look pretty?


Some easy ways to get extra veggies for people who aren’t into them:

Have them as a snack with a dip or dressing you really love.

Eat them in a chili or soup (soup is way easier to make than you think!)

Sautee them (red peppers please!) and have them on hand as a tasty add on to any sandwich. They even taste good on a piece of toast with a little olive oil.

Bread them if you’re feeling adventurous; think zucchini and eggplant.

Make yourself a little party platter. I’m a believer in doing this for fun every once in awhile. I like to have some veggies, amazing cheese, and olives on a plate. Makes me feel special. That’s not weird.

Smoothies. Pair them with fruit or juice and some ice, you won’t even know you’re drinking veggies.

Just be sure to do everything in moderation and to drink a regular amount of water. Not only are veggies rich in fiber, you really do feel different when you add them to your diet.

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